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May and Awareness Month…

WHO KNEW WE HAD SO MUCH IN COMMON? Turns out I have many of the things we are made aware of this month. Whilst many of us relate and band together in our “Awareness” I wanted to make a list of the things for May that are “Awareness Oriented” that I have in my body:...

Resolution … Revelation

February  is about to Start  Let's Chat  About Those Resolutions 2018 Have you ever actually thought about what we do to ourselves when we make a New Year’s Resolution. Or rather how many of our resolutions are repeats from last year? As a lover of words I looked up...

Mama Bird and Co: Not Your Average Tee

Hi everyone! There is a person and a company I want to tell you about. Not “I have to” OR even “I Need to” out of an obligatory return, but I’m EXCITED to tell you about MamaBirdandCo. Tori is the founder and amazing woman behind this company... though I would wager...

Eye of the Tiger…Gems

You know that song, “Eye of the Tiger”? The song suggests a person who is working hard to achieve a goal and they are doing it the right way...through hard work. I have always liked the idea of being strong and fighting honestly for what you want to do...  Goals we...

Self Love: Why You Should Always be Your First #WCW

Self love. A term I heard  used as frequently when I was a young girl growing up. It is still if not more significant now, as an adult and a mom.  I have been feeling pretty low recently. My pretty low is way down there... I don’t like when I have to deal with my...

A Spiritual Alignment… (Chiropractor not included)

I have found that we all go through times where, regardless of our religion, spirtuality or lack of assignment to any one specific belief - This time of year - particularly the next two weeks (the last two weeks of the year) people take stock. Whether we admit it to...

“O Father, Where Art Thou”

December 14th. Never an easy day for me. There is a strong chance that quite a few days through the month of December strike a chord for many people. After all, it is a big month. Holidays, which are joyous also force us to remember the good & sad of the people we...

The Thanksgiving That Changed it All: A Miracle Amidst the Mire

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around on the calendar, I find myself doing what most do... I think about what I have to be grateful for, and in my case, remind myself that no matter how many illnesses I had or have at that time, I’m still better off than so many...

Identity! Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

I often read many tales of Moms that speak about a loss of identity after having a child. Now, perhaps because being a mom is new to me and illness is not, I am used to hearing, reading and talking to people about identity loss after becoming sick. For example,...


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