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Hello and Welcome to this zany little corner of my world. My name is Sara. I am a Storyteller, a Writer, and Public Speaker… but this is my first time dipping my toe into the blogging world. I am a believer in a life of organized chaos and I tend to write haphazardly. I am a new Mom, Cancer Survivor, and current Multiple Chronic Illness Warrior. I’m supremely sarcastic, mildly amusing and relatively blunt. 🙂 so If that is part of your vibe – You’re my tribe!

This blog is about being human – imperfect but trying, not always getting it right…yet dancing through the muck onward. Here is where I write about myself, sharing unabridged stories of my life. My hope is to connect with people all around from Chronic Illness fighters to Moms, those that are both and everything in between.

I am a permanent wanderer and adventure seeker. I love to roam and as long as I’m with my family, Hubs, 2 fur babies and newest most fabulous addition, daughter Milana Raven (Mila), no matter where we land we’re always “home”.

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