The Misadventures of Sara Smile – Part 1: An Interesting Life

Sara Smile is a Writer, Mother, Cancer Survivor, and Chronic Illness Warrior. Through both her Website Sassy Sara Smile, and Public Speaking, Sara writes and tells stories about finding Beauty through the Chaos and not just by wading through life’s quagmires. Instead, Sara does her best to not only dance through the mire but thrive.

Karkata Media

Telling stories. For Art. For Craft.

Thank You to “Karkata Media” for choosing to do this Mini Documentary on My Life. At the Heart of Karkata Media is Brandon Duke. He believes in community – both in real life and on Social Media. It is through his passion towards all things local and his determination that he is able to capture the Stories of Local People who are extraordinary. People that might not otherwise be recognized for their triumphs through adversity. I would be remiss if I did not give a “Major Tip of the Hat” to the Talented C.E. Schultz whose Artwork is dynamic, with a magnificent range. Everyone should check this company out and the people behind the work … If you are in Georgia – GET ON THAT NOW!

As a personal aside: I will just say this was recorded quite soon after I gave birth…Forgive the insecurity about such a surface thing… I am only human after all.