Hi everyone! There is a person and a company I want to tell you about. Not “I have to” OR even “I Need to” out of an obligatory return, but I’m EXCITED to tell you about MamaBirdandCo. Tori is the founder and amazing woman behind this company… though I would wager to call it a movement and one I am proud to be a part of everyday. Although, don’t be deceived by the name of the company…I feel it important that everyone is aware that MamaBirdandCo is NOT just for Moms. Nobody should feel, “it isn’t ‘worth it’ to look at this store, as I am not a mom.” I write this as I do not think anyone should be deprived of trying out these teeshirts! In fact, to help a bit more if you use the Code: Sara15 for a 15% discount off your entire purchase.

Now let’s dive in…

I have been trying different tees out here and there – trying to find one that doesn’t aggravate my already sensitive skin. I have found a few, but I must say, the MINUTE I put my first MamabirdandCo  tee on, I felt like I’d found a home for my sensitive skin.

My first batch (yes batch – I wanted 3) was delivered right before my grueling yet helpful trip to The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I would be remiss (not to mention lying) if I didn’t tell you that these tees/tanks/ and long sleeve shirts LITERALLY helped me get through my darkest days at Mayo.

One could say it was the “great graphic phrases” that helped my mood as well as those around me. Or that it was the softness against my skin through all the agitating tests and being poked and prodded for 7 hours straight over the course of approx. 2.5 weeks. You could even say the style, as almost EVERY graphic can be done in one of the unique & varying styles that manage to look good on EVERYONE. Or the Vast Array of graphics, all of which are, in my opinion, exceptional.

Initially, for me, it was the feel against my skin, the softness. Never underestimate how much power something that feels good to your skin has… it is a lot of power. The first time I felt that fabric drape so effortlessly onto my skin I felt like I was having one of my favorite “Calgon take me away..” moments.

As I was reeling over the feel of my first tank top I put on which said “Moon Child”, I looked at myself. I had not really done that in a while. Although I felt sick and was not looking my best whilst at Mayo, I felt something I had not felt for a LONG time… Pretty! Then as I was giggling with joy over softness, feel, and the look I begin to laugh hard as I knew what shirt I was gonna wear from my package next. It was an off the shoulder white tee with the graphic “Namaste the Shit Out of this Day” on it.

A trifecta! Unbelievable!! Three of my fashion/feelings boxes – all checked! I have looked through all the posts on MamabirdandCo  on Instagram and have never seen anyone in any MamaBirdandco look anything other than happy & beautiful in any one of Tori’s shirts.

The graphics. Oh Graphics, How do I express my love of thee? I have a long history with some odd things happening here and there and have always tried to remain positive or laugh at these situations, as many have, I’m sure. Of course, that is also easier to say, than to do all the time…there are times it can be down right frustrating. Once again, enter MamaBirdandCo. Tori’s ‘Sayings and Phrases’ Graphics have managed to find a way to make people laugh, feel empowered, confident and more than not – literally STAY IN THE MOMENT- Myself included BIG TIME.

I admire the way Tori does her graphics… They range from “Love Your Mama” to “Namaste the Shit out of this day” to “Coffee and Good Vibes” and all the themes in-between . So, if one thing isn’t “your thing” continue to look through the store. Tori is spectacular in her variety of grapics, as I mentioned previously.

Speaking of Tori…in a word: Magical. Magical, in working with her from answering any questions with kindness all the way through placing an order, receiving it, wearing it and beyond! If you wander over to MamaBirdandCo on Instagram (AND YOU SHOULD:) you will see how passionate Tori is about art, the love she has of doing it and the gratitude she feels for her clientele or as she has, with affection, aptly dubbed it: The #MamaBirdTribe 😉