You know that song, “Eye of the Tiger”? The song suggests a person who is working hard to achieve a goal and they are doing it the right way…through hard work. I have always liked the idea of being strong and fighting honestly for what you want to do…  Goals we all have…Things we all want.  I see that same type of intensity, hard work and honest kindness in Tiger Gems Jewelry and the owner of this wonderful company, Tabitha.
 My husband knows I feel that way and surprised me on Mother’s Day, 2017 *(My 1st Mother’s Day Ever!) with a 1.25 ctw Art Deco Halo Set  from Tiger Gems seen here:

I couldn’t have been more thrilled and excited AND for so many reasons. Let me share just a few of the reasons Tiger Gems  Jewelry is now one of my new favorite stores for out on the town to everyday wear jewelry.  In fact, let’s just start there.

When I first found Tiger Gems on Instagram  and then looked at the website, I was taken aback. I enjoy having a variety of jewelry and I had found it! Diversity is one of the aspects that drew me to Tiger Gems and I started my own personal wish-list. From stackable rings, which are incredibly fun to mix and match and great to wear anytime, to necklaces and earrings that have a brilliant shimmer and a playful feel, without reminding me ‘I am a mom’, which MANY things do these days. 🙂  My point being you can create your own look and wear all or any of this jewelry throughout the day and into the night! Comfortably and Dressed up!

When I received my Tiger Gems gift surprise from my Hubby Jason, I felt like it was 12 years ago all over again. He chose the ring set that made my jaw drop. Not to mention the gorgeous black velvet box!

Let’s move on to the quality. The photos don’t even begin to capture how stunning and sparkling these pieces are! The 3 rings that make up this 1.25 ctw Art Deco Halo Set have thin bands that worked with my hands. I have a few health issues that make my hands swell, but with a thinner and intensely strong band like this on my hand, it fits better. I don’t feel self-conscious wearing any of Tabitha’s rings or any of her jewelry.  This is not to say all of the rings are only thin. In fact, as I previously mentioned there is an extraordinary assortment of gems in many styles, all creative and containing a unique touch.

I mention my particular situation because it is an integral part of why I personally love this ring set. I used to love wearing rings and I would wear 2-3 on each hand. Since my hands have been changing due to my illness, I have felt uncomfortable figuratively and literally with wearing rings.

Tiger Gems  made me able to wear rings again and feel lovely in them. It is little details like this that make something already beautiful, Magnificent!

One of the other reasons I am enamored with Tiger Gems is one I would be remiss if I didn’t mention, and that is Tabitha. Tabitha is the owner and personally deals with everything from when you start looking until you receive a purchase and beyond. It is easy to see the intense care Tabitha takes in her Gems as well as her Clientele. She also happens to have a genuinely kind soul and still manages to be honest . A combination of characteristics that I find remarkable and rare in business. I have talked about it in other posts and it is an important factor in anything my Hubby or I purchase.

Yes, I received my extraordinary ring set as a gift. However, I will definitely be purchasing more things for myself from Tiger Gems as well. These are great gifts for others AND for ourselves! As a Woman/Mom/Spoonie
 I deserve to treat myself from time to time. I believe we all do. As ‘girly’ as it may sound, I think we are all the hardest working ‘Bad-Ass Princesses’ in our own worlds. Why wouldn’t we treat ourselves to a unique and special gem?

As a special treat for my readers, simply use my code SASSYSARA for 15% off any Tiger Gems  purchase!